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This Question and Answer part give you and initial idea ,all the posiblity of the problems and how to slove it.
Although this part need more investigate from eyes and x-ray for the best conclusion.

Answering Clinical Questions Improves Patient Safety

It is depend on how much damage to the teeth.
  1. The broken part is above the gum and it is not expose to the nerve. It can be restore by the filling. however, if the broken part is to big we may have to consider making the crown.
  2. The broken part is above the gum and it is expose to the nerve. The treatment will included root canal treatment, post&core with crown.
  3. If the broken part is under the gum, the prognosis of the teeth will most likely depend on how deep underneath the gum. Crown lengthening may need to perform priorto restoration such as filling or crown if the broken part is not expose to the nerve. If it exposed, this tooth will need root canal treatment prior to the restoration too. However, if the broken part is too deep underneath the gum orthe tooth structure have been destroyed too much, extraction and replace by implant will be the option as well.

There is several option to replace the missing teeth.
  1. Removable denture
  2. Bridge
  3. Dental implant
The removable denture, while it is the least expensive option, it can cause some discomfort because it needs to cover some part of the gum, palate or floor of mouth. Many patients prefer the fix option which is the bridge or dental implant. The advantage of the implant over the bridge is that the bridge will need the adjacent teeth to hold the missing teeth which require to cut the teeth smaller while the implant will not need to affect or compromise the other teeth at all.
However, the option that is chosen to replace missing teeth depends on many factors including your concerns, finances, and goals for treatment. A frank discussion between yourself, your dentist, and with a dental specialist, will help to determine which treatment is the right one for you.

1 weeks for surgery part and 1-3 weeks for prosthesis part and about 3 months (or more) healing time between surgery and prosthesis part.

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